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This area has always been the waters of legends. The speedboat was born here. Chris Craft boats were, too. A pilgrimage to Algonac is a field course in marine history. About a century ago, Chris Smith just might have started recreational boating industry here on the North Channel when he fitted his rowboat with a gasoline engine and pushed it to the record speed of 9 mph. But it was in 1915 that Smith hit it big. His boat, Miss Detroit, Won the Gold Cup, bringing the prestigious event to Detroit. Before 1920, Christopher Columbus Smith along with Garfield Arthur Wood known as the Gray Fox of Algonac won the Gold Cup six times consecutively. Together they created boating history as they defined the newly emerging sport of motorboat racing. While they may have been looking for a speed record, they also created fine boats for families to enjoy. Many of the finest, most beautiful wooden boats ever produced were built right in Algonac at the Chris-Craft Factory. Although the factory he founded is long gone from this era, for many years it was the regions biggest employers and supported the US patriotically. For it's time it was cutting edge marine technology that produced the boats that were used during the wartime effort so long ago. The Original Chris Craft water tower has always been a visual landmark for boaters since the early 1900's.
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That rich boating heritage is back in Algonac and Colony Marine. Stop by one of our three showrooms and see why Colony can be your only choice for that new Chris Craft you've been dreaming about.

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